The Jewish People and ‚their tradition‘ of Cohanim

The Jewish people and ‚their tradition‘ of the Cohanim

In the time of the Mishkan, service to the Menorah was done only by a few – today it is different. We all know the tradition of Aharon, who is always committed to peace and peace-making. He was the first to stand in the role of a Cohen haGadol and wore special clothing. This consisted of eight parts. The most important is probably the breastplate (Choschen) on the outer garment, which is called Efod.

The Choschen with the ‚gems‘ („special stones“) that represent all twelve tribes of Israel and their value – with all the differences – had the Cohen haGadol always ‚on his heart‘. This is very important, because he could only put himself in the service of the community of Israel in order to pray for this and the goodness of God and perform his ministry. The concluding words in Schemoth 27, 20 + 21, with which the Parascha Tezawe begins (!!!) are so important because it defines the Generations (plural) of the children of Israel as addressees of the message: Yes, it gives us and Cohanim with special tasks and we can not and will not do without it!


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